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  1. Your service s it?s excellent. I recommend 100 !

    Customer ID # 379168
  2. Good

    Customer ID # 368095
  3. Thank you.

    Customer ID # 327508
  4. I needed a full panel STD Test quick. An individual recommended this service.

    Since I don?t live in a testing city, I had to have my blood drawn at a lab and then shipped via FedEx to the Miami location.

    I was skeptical at first , and thought it would take about a week or so to get my results back.

    Boy, was I wrong; in 26 hours I received my results.

    This is a great service, much more efficient , better and quicker than a normal doctors appointment.

    I highly recommend this service to anyone who needs rapid results, try it, you want be disappointed.

    Customer ID # 320206
  5. I love Talent Testing; there?s no appointment needed, they?re very friendly and I?m always in and out within 15 minutes..

    Customer ID # 197737
  6. Very easy to get tested.
    Picked what to be tested for. Filled out the checkmarks & picked my tests.
    Easy to fill out the payment & then found the closest testing facility.
    Went the next day because no appointment was needed to draw blood. 3 days later I got my results.
    Very easy & quick process.

    Customer ID # 205007
  7. Discrete, easy, convenient, efficient and fast results! No hassle of going to a doctors office waiting and staff knowing what you are there for. No waiting for the doctor to order the test To have to turn around and go to a lab, and then wait for the doctors office to call with results.

    Customer ID # 204478
  8. Great place , very professional and I was in and out of the office in the morning in 20 mins.

    Customer ID # 198978
  9. Very convenient and fast turn around time. I tested at 11:30 a.m. and received my results same day at 6:00 p.m.
    Also, Panel Test is almost Half Priced of what Other major labs charge for it..
    Very Happy client.. This will definitely be my future testing site.

    Customer ID # 188268
  10. Good

    Customer ID # 180125

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