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  1. The nurse was awesome. super friendly and helpful! love these ladies!

    Customer ID # 449097
  2. Amazing service! I love how quick and efficient it is to purchase the rest online and the actual place as well, friendly staff and you are in and out, very short wait time if any! Thank you guys you are the best!

    Customer ID # 452403
  3. Mostly fast and easy

    Customer ID # 453924
  4. The service was good

    Customer ID # 433732
  5. The best!

    Customer ID # 424255
  6. Everyone at the testing center made me feel so comfortable and welcome! They talked to me like a person, not just another patient. The vibes were amazing!

    Customer ID # 431681
  7. I good

    Customer ID # 394114
  8. Yes

    Customer ID # 326193
  9. Quick fast service. Very easy to get testing

    Customer ID # 284516
  10. Super great experience!

    Customer ID # 171793

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