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  1. Very professional

    Customer ID # 359241
  2. Great service

    Customer ID # 351440
  3. I called the office to speak with the receptionist, and she was very prompt and helpful, with walk-in's appointment welcome.

    When I arrive, she receptionist was able to help me right away very quickly, after the person before me. The whole process is very quick and easy.

    The online website is very well put together, with fast response time.

    Customer ID # 341525
  4. I needed a full panel STD Test quick. An individual recommended this service.

    Since I don?t live in a testing city, I had to have my blood drawn at a lab and then shipped via FedEx to the Miami location.

    I was skeptical at first , and thought it would take about a week or so to get my results back.

    Boy, was I wrong; in 26 hours I received my results.

    This is a great service, much more efficient , better and quicker than a normal doctors appointment.

    I highly recommend this service to anyone who needs rapid results, try it, you want be disappointed.

    Customer ID # 320206
  5. My experience was very, the nurse was very comforting, and supportive.

    Customer ID # 286740
  6. Very professional super nice people Great place

    Customer ID # 216859
  7. Friendly staff awesome swift services and the catch is that they give you your results next day I mean 5am next day so so fast they are great I recommend to anyone looking for these services as you will not be disappointed

    Customer ID # 213503
  8. It was fast easy staff was very helpful and made me feel comfortable.

    Customer ID # 211357
  9. Very easy to get tested.
    Picked what to be tested for. Filled out the checkmarks & picked my tests.
    Easy to fill out the payment & then found the closest testing facility.
    Went the next day because no appointment was needed to draw blood. 3 days later I got my results.
    Very easy & quick process.

    Customer ID # 205007
  10. Good

    Customer ID # 180125

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