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  1. I don't anything

    Customer ID # 387848
  2. It was simple and easy

    Customer ID # 386718
  3. Your service s it?s excellent. I recommend 100 !

    Customer ID # 379168
  4. I needed a full panel STD Test quick. An individual recommended this service.

    Since I don?t live in a testing city, I had to have my blood drawn at a lab and then shipped via FedEx to the Miami location.

    I was skeptical at first , and thought it would take about a week or so to get my results back.

    Boy, was I wrong; in 26 hours I received my results.

    This is a great service, much more efficient , better and quicker than a normal doctors appointment.

    I highly recommend this service to anyone who needs rapid results, try it, you want be disappointed.

    Customer ID # 320206
  5. Quick fast service. Very easy to get testing

    Customer ID # 284516
  6. Hood

    Customer ID # 231928
  7. Very professional super nice people Great place

    Customer ID # 216859
  8. Good

    Customer ID # 214774
  9. The process for signing up and setting up testing is quite simple. My questions about receiving and sending my results were answered quickly. Overall, I am very satisfied with the service provided and look forward to working with IKMS in the future.

    Customer ID # 159674
  10. I am brand new to this so personally I can not comment much. What I can say is any company that is endorsed by as many celebrities as you guys are is solid in my book. On top of that they are keeping me and my piers safe at all times. Hope to be seeing a lot of you guys very soon. Take the time out and show some love to @iknowmystatus


    Customer ID # 157384

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